Capturing Live Events

Bristol International Jazz and Blues Festival

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Pee Wee Ellis

Lillian Boutte

Chris Barber

Chris Barber

man playing a saxophone

Andy Sheppard

Live Event Photography

Live event photography is an important part of music events as it captures and details new visuals for marketing, print use and especially social media.

This is just as important for up and coming bands as well established stars that want to communicate with their fan base with visual interpretation.

The uses for images can range from selling prints directly to customers to gaining new potential customers on your social media channels. Please check below for some of our previous works in the music industry.

Promo Shoots

Individual singer or band promo shoots can be organised in a studio, or pre-selected location to get more natural or bespoke shots that show your fan base who you or your band are.

We can discuss what ideas you have for the shoot before, which could help us set the perfect location.

You will have loads of shots to choose from for your social media, tour promotion or artwork. Get in touch with John Seaman Photography to start planning your photo shoot.

Choose us for:

  • Musician photography

  • Theatre photography

  • Music event photography

  • Live music photography

  • Promo shoots

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Matt Schofield

Heading 1

Doctor John

We also provide photography for architecture, productsevents and locations.


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